Your checklist

Are you a new member?

If you recently joined MilitarySuper as a contributing member, please check:

  1. If you have supplied your tax file number
    MilitarySuper cannot accept your member contributions if we do not hold your tax file number. To supply your tax file number, please complete a Tax file number declaration form available from the Australian Taxation Office.
  2. If you wish to select your preferred investment option
    You can invest your member benefit (and any ancillary benefit) in five investment options; investment choice is not relevant to your employer benefit.
  3. If you want to transfer or roll over other super into MilitarySuper
    It can reduce the sets of fees you pay and make it easier to keep track of your super savings; learn more about transferring into MilitarySuper.

You may also learn more about how MilitarySuper works – including: