CPI increase

Consumer Price Index

How does CPI affect my pension?

MilitarySuper adjusts your pension for CPI on the first payday of January and July each year. CPI is determined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which considers the price of food, clothing, housing, health, transportation and other factors.

Once the ABS releases the latest CPI figures, MilitarySuper determines if your pension will be increased. If CPI rises and exceeds the previous September of March figure, your pension is increased. If CPI falls or does not change, your pension is not increased.

Your pension will only increase proportionally if you did not receive your pension for the full six months prior to the most recent CPI increase.

Will MilitarySuper tell me about the latest CPI release?

Yes, you receive your Pension Update each December and June covering:

  • confirmation of any CPI increase for your pension
  • information on changing your payment details, and
  • other helpful tips and general advice for your pension.

CPI calculation example

The CPI figure for the September 2011 quarter was 179.4.

The CPI figure for the March 2012 quarter was 179.5.

Pension amounts increased by 0.1% on 12 July 2012 for pensioners who had received their pension for the entire six months prior to the increase.