Your choice

Things to know about your investment choice

  1. Your investment choice gives you the flexibility to decide how to invest your member benefit including any ancillary component (which is your voluntary contributions and any transfers).
  2. It only applies to your member benefit and any ancillary component; the larger part of your benefit, your employer benefit, is fully funded by the Australian Government and is not affected by investment performance while you are a contributing member.
  3. You do not have to choose; your member benefit will be automatically invested in the Balanced investment option, which is the default investment option.
  4. You can choose one or a combination of four investment options.
  5. You can choose one investment option for your current member benefit and a different option for your future member contributions.
  6. You can switch how your benefit is invested at any time, free of charge and can do so by either completing a Member investment choice form [PDF 1 MB] or online in the secure Member Services Online area.
  7. Your investment switch will be effective the date your switch request is received by MilitarySuper, if received prior to 3pm (EST). Switches received after 3pm (EST) will take effect the following working day.
  8. Seek professional advice for your own situation, goals and needs.
  9. Find out more in the Investment Options and Risk [PDF 461 KB]