Investment strategy

MilitarySuper’s investment strategy is based on four integral principles:

1. Taking a global view

Investing only in Australia can limit potential investment returns. Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, trustee of MilitarySuper, searches for investment opportunities in both established and emerging international markets.

2. Focusing on long term over short term

It is important to maintain a balance between short- and long-term investments. MilitarySuper’s investment strategy is based on a long-term outlook rather than short-term expectations.

But we also understand the importance of reducing short-term volatility.

3. Diversifying investments

To spread investment risk, MilitarySuper invests in all major asset classes (cash, fixed interest, equities, property and infrastructure).

4. Structuring to capture market returns

Most MilitarySuper investments are actively managed by specialist investment managers; managers generally operate within constraints to ensure returns capture at least most of the return delivered by the market in which they operate.