Investment & performance

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation is trustee of MilitarySuper and responsible for investing and managing scheme funds in the best interests of all members. Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation’s investment objective is to maximise real investment returns within a tolerable level of short-term volatility.

You can choose from four investment options for your member benefit (including any ancillary benefit), but investment choice is not relevant to your employer benefit. In this section find out about:

How do I track my investment?

MilitarySuper is a unitised super scheme; the value of your benefit at any time is determined by the number of units you hold multiplied by their current price. Your super contributions and any transfers from other funds purchase units in your investment option or options. The amount of units purchased on your behalf depends on the unit price at the time.

Units are redeemed when you withdraw your benefit. A unit price for each investment option is calculated daily and fluctuates according to the investment performance of that individual investment option. Your Member Statement shows how many units you hold and their price from the previous year.

Unitisation was introduced on 1 July 2002. It replaced crediting rates.